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                        蒲安臣先生离开中国归国之前的官方赠与旧金山公报中的信件       ★★★ 【字体:
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Official Presentations by Mr. Burlingame.
Previous to his Departure_ Personnel of the Chinese Government.
Correspondence of the San Fracisco Bulletin.
                                Peking, China, Sunday, Nov. 24, 1867,
   Mr. Burlingame closed his official career as United states Minister at Peking with two very interacting presentations. A portrait of Washington, copied by Mr, PRATT, of Boston, after the Stuart picture, was presented to the venerable SEU-KI-YV, who was degraded and banished by the late Emperor, HIEN-FUNG, for eulogizing WASHINGTON in his works, The Geography of the World, and The Men of Note of Other Countries, and one of the finest watches of the American Watch Company at Waltham, Mass., was presented to the Rev. PERK GILLIE, a French priest at Mutken, Manchooria, in the extreme northeastern part of the Empire, for his Christian kindness in saving the lives of several Americans who had been shipwrecked on the Corean coast, sent overland through Corea, and from thence to Mutken.
 (NEW YORK TIMES, March 29,1868 p10)
蒲安臣先生以两件互相关联的赠与,结束了他的合众国驻北京公使的公务。一幅由波士顿的普拉特先生临摹斯图尔特的华盛顿画像的复制品,被赠送给了可尊敬的徐继畬,由于他在其著作——《世界地理及其他国家人民的纪录》中,称颂了华盛顿,被前任帝王咸丰罢黜流放,一只由马萨诸塞州沃尔瑟姆钟表公司制造的美利坚最好的钟表,被赠送给了PERK GILLIE牧师,他是一位到满清的法国牧师,在帝国极东北的满洲里传教,出于基督徒的仁慈,他拯救了几个美国人的生命,他们的船只在朝鲜沿海失事,他经由朝鲜的陆路将他们送回满清。
Through the kindness of Dr. S. WELLS WILLIAMS, the present United States Charge d' Affaires, I am enabled to send you a complete account of the presentations, with translations of the French and Chinese replies of Mr. BURLINGAME:
                        LEGATION OF THE UNITED STATES,
PKEING. NOV. 14, 1868(7?). 
To Hon. Wm. H. Seward. Secretary of State:
   SIR: I have the honor to inform you that on the 21st at October last I presented the portrait of WASHINGTON to SEN-KI-YU, in the presence of the members of the Tsung-Le-Yamen, (the Foreign Office.)  Dr. S. WELLS WILLIAMS and Dr. W. A. P. MARTIN acted as interpreters.  The ceremonies were very impressive.
        I have the honor to be, &c..
                                         ANSON BURLINGAME.
(NEW YORK TIMES, March 29,1868 p10)
任注:Hono(u)rable,美国两院及州议员等名字前用的尊称,略作Hon. Wm.=William
  Mr. Burlingame in his address to SEU-KI-YU, said: “It is now nearly twenty years since you published a geographical history of the countries lying beyond the boundaries of China. You brought to the work great labor, a sound judgment, and the marvelous scholarship of your native land. You passed in review the great men of the countries of which you wrote, and placed Washington before all the rest. You not only did this, but you placed him before the statesmen and warriors of your own country, and declared that he recalled the three dynasties whose serene virtues had shed their light along the ages for 4,000 years. Those words have been used and translated by the grateful countrymen of Washington. To show their appreciation of them, the President requested the Secretary of State to have made by a distinguished artist this portrait, and to send it over land and sea to be place in your hands. When you look upon its benignant features, do not recall with sorrow the eighteen [sic] years of retirement endured by you on account of your efforts to make Washington and the countries of the West better known; but rather, exult with us that an enlightend Government has for the same reason placed you near the head of the State,   to aid in controlling the affairs of 490,000,000 of people; and what is better by a kind of poetical justice, you have been placed at the head of an institution whose purpose is to advance the views for which you were censured, and to instruct your people in the language and principles  of Washington. By doing this you will please all the nations, for Washington belonged not to us alone, but to the world. His life and character were such as to peculiarly commend him to your countrymen. Like them he honored agriculture; and like them he was for peace, and only fought in defence of his country. Like them, he believed that every man is entitled to the inspiration of fair opportunity, and like them he held to the doctrine of Confucius, spoken 2, 300 years ago, that "We should not do to others what we would not that others should do to us." This great truth came to Washington, not negatively but positively, from Divinity itself, as a command unto him, "Do  unto others as you would have others do unto you. " Why should we not exchange our thoughts? Why should we not have the moral maxims of Confucius and Mencius, and you the sublime doctrines of Christianity? Why should we not take your charming manners, your temperance, your habits of scholarship, you improvements in agriculture, and your high culture of tea and silk, and you our modern sciences, our railroads and telegraphs, our steamboats? Why should not this great nation, the mother of inventions, whence comes paper, printing, porcelain, the compass, gunpowder and the great doctrine that "The people are the source of power," follow up their inventions and principles, and enjoy them in all their development? Why should not the discoverers of coal have the wealth and strength derived from its use, and those who made the first water-tight vessels guided by a compass, use the great steamers which swiftness makes us your near neighbors, and which carry a thousand men on their decks? I present this portrait, with all  good will, in the name of the people of the United States, hoping it may ever recall to you and yours their enduring friendship for your country, and their love and regard for you, its worthy representative.”
  (NEW YORK TIMES, March 29,1868 p10,译文参见《美使蒲安臣致总署大臣徐继畬函》)
                                           PEKIN, Oct. 23, 1867
   SIR: I have the honor to reply to your Excellency's favor which I yesterday carefully perused, and wherein you compliment me  in high terms far beyond my merit, on the occasion of presenting me a portrait of WASHINGTON, the founder of your country.
   On looking again and again as this fine present, my gratification as having seen a remembrance of him, and my thanks both wait for their adequate expression. I reflect that in the wonderful ability exhibited by Washington in laying the foundation of your honorable country, he became an example and guide to mankind. His merit thus becames a link between these ancient worthies and the men of all succeeding ages; and must, therefore, be forever held in remembrance.
   In repeating my thanks in this brief reply to your Excellency's letter, I beg to wish you the enjoyment of every happiness.
  To His Excellency ANSON BURLINGAME, &c.
(NEW YORK TIMES, March 29,1868 p10,参见《徐继畬覆美使蒲安臣函》)
America in China
     The last official act of Mr. BURLINGAME in his capacity as Minister to China, was a very significant one. It was, as elsewhere recorded, the official presentation of a copy of STUART's Washington to a Chinese writer who, twenty years ago, was sent into exile for his tribute to o

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